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Your Current Position:  Business
  • Financial investment

    In recent years, Fujian Huamin has continuously improved its investment model and explored new investment fields. It has successively acquired financial enterprises such as Fujian Zhongfu pawn Co., Ltd. and Pingtan Zhonghui small loan Co., Ltd. Fujian Huaxin Investment Co., Ltd., Pingtan Yangfan Trade Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Minyue Xiangrui Investment Co., Ltd., Fuzhou xinrongyao investment partnership (limited partnership), Fujian Pingtan hongtan investment partnership (limited partnership) and other investment companies were established to participate in the fixed increase of equity of listed companies as equity holders, and the equity investment of listed companies was planned.

  • Yacht

    Fujian Blue Bay Yacht Development Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyuan Bay Development Zone, Fuzhou City, with a factory area of more than 30000 square meters. It is a well-known yacht company with more than 20 years of experience in the production and sales of luxury yachts. As a high-tech enterprise in Fujian Province, blue bay company has a number of technical patents. The company produces more than 30 luxury yachts annually, and its products are mainly sold to North America, with good reputation and popularity.

    Fujian Huamin acquired and controlled the company in 2016, which is another breakthrough of Fujian Huamin based on Trade and integration of industry and trade. In the same year, Fujian Huamin acquired the well-known American yacht brand "hansman", which is the only enterprise in the domestic yacht industry to realize the integration of industry and trade in the whole chain of R & D, production and independent brand sales.

  • Import and export trade

    Trade is the main business of Huamin Company. The main imported and exported products are vessels, automobile accessories, shoes, bags, clothes, woodwork, handicrafts, seeds of crops and so on. To expand and strengthen business of import and export, Huamin fully plays its own advantages to continuously amplify kinds and scope of the trade, setting a good commercial image and reputation in foreign trade industry. The company has customers all around the world. The company is not only the agent of the medical devices of Siemens, Japan Fuji, Japan Olympus and other world famous brands in Fujian province, but also one of the global shoes suppliers of American Wal-Mart. At the same time, the company exported tens of millions of vessels to South-East Asian countries. Since the reform of 2003, Huamin Company’s trade volume of import and export has always been kept between 0.5 to 0.7 billion U.S. dollars, ranking the first among the foreign-trade circulating enterprises of Fujian Province and becoming the top 500 enterprises of Chinese foreign trade for successive years. 


    Annual Trade Turnover



    pro1-2xt.jpgpro1-3xt.jpgpro1-4xt.jpg pro1-5xt.jpg pro1-6xt.jpg pro1-7xt.jpg pro1-8xt.jpg pro1-9xt.jpg pro1-10xt.jpg

  • Forest resources

    Fujian Zhongfu Industries Co., Ltd. (Zhongfu Industry) was established in 1993 after the approval of and by Fujian Committee for Economic System Reform. The company was listed in Shenzhen Exchange in Mar. 1996 and the securities code is 000592.


    bus2-7.jpg bus2-8.jpg


    After recapitalization in 2008, the new big shareholder Shantian Forestry Development(Fujian)Co., Ltd. injected its good forestry assets. Zhongfu Industries resumed listing on April 14, 2008. After that, the company’s main business became reforestation and the processing and sales of forest products.


    bus2-10.jpg bus2-9.jpg


    The registered capital of Zhongfu Industries is 579,051,565 RMB and the registered address is Floor 23, No. 159 World Jinlong Mansion, Wusi Road, Fuzhou. At present, Zhongfu Industry has 10 holding companies: Fujian Jian’ou Fu Ren Forestry Co, Ltd., Fujian Jian’ou Fu Ren Wood Co., Ltd., Fujian Lvmin Forestry Development Co., Ltd., Fujian Zhongfu Seed Industry Co., Ltd., Mingxi Hengfeng Forestry Co., Ltd., Longyan Shantian Forestry Co., Ltd., Longyan Zhongfu Wood Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Zhongfu Wood Co., Ltd., Jian’ou Zhongfu Wood Co., Ltd. and Fujian Zhongfu Pawnbroking Co., Ltd.


    bus2-1.jpg bus2-3.jpg


    Zhongfu Industries owns more than 670 square kilometers of forestry area in Jian’ou, Mingxi and other places of Fujian; its controlling stake Fujian Jian’ou Fu Ren Wood Co., Ltd owns a medium-density fiber board production line with the annual output of 100000 square meters and a medium-density (sheet) production line with the annual output of 50000 square meters; Longyan Zhongfu Wood Co., Ltd owns a medium-density fiber board production line with the annual output of 100000 square meters; Zhangzhou Zhongfu Wood Co., Ltd, which is under construction, can produce 180000 square meters of medium-density fiber board annually.


    bus2-2.jpg bus2-4.jpg


    From the strategic point of the company’s development, Zhongfu Industries will depend on the superior natural conditions in local area to develop fast growing and high-yield forests and industrial raw material forests; make developing forest land and enlarging company’s forest resources the core of company’s development and increase the market share of company’s products step by step; based on market, oriented by products, put the development strategy of the integration of forest and board into practice, making the company move forward to the goal of becoming the corporate champion of modern forestry. In the aspect of regional development plan, the company sets foot in Fujian, uses regional resource advantages and makes it stronger. And on the basis of this, the company will extend its main business at home and abroad.


    bus2-5.jpg bus2-6.jpg


    Zhongfu Industries will cultivate and train its staff in the spirit of “ten years to grow trees and hundred years to nurture talent”. Zhongfu Industries calls on the joint development of individuals and enterprise to attract talents with effective mechanism, condense talents with enterprise culture, cultivate talents with scientific methods and train talents with career development. We welcome all the talents to join Zhongfu and create our glorious future together!

  • Forest Products Processing

    pro2-1-3xt.jpg    pro2-1-4xt.jpg



    Product Series

    pro2-5xt.jpg pro2-6xt.jpg pro2-7xt.jpg

  • Medical instruments

    bus3-1.jpg bus3-2.jpg


    Fujian Huamin Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. and Fujian Minwei Medical Equipments Co., Ltd were formed into a new Fujian Huamin Medical Instrument Co., Ltd in Jan. 2008, directly attached to Fujian Huamin Enterprise Group, which is one of the national top 100 enterprises and state-owned listed company. The group has more than 1.5 billion yuan of total assets, 2000 employees and 12 branch companies at home and abroad and 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries overseas, with an annual turnover of  more than 10 billion yuan. Fujian Huamin Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. professional does the wholesale and retail businesses of medical instruments and have marketing department, sales department, export department, import department, financial department, maintenance department, consumable department, and offices. The company sets offices in Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei and Guangxi. Now the company has 87 employees and 83% of them have received higher education and 5 of them have post-graduate degrees. Since the foundation of the company 15 years ago, especially in recent years, under the correct leadership of authorities in charge, meeting the requirements of economic development, the company’s business has made great progress. The annual sales volume increased from 30 million yuan to 0.2 billion yuan and the contract sales has reached 0.296 billion yuan. Now the company’s total assets have reached 42 million yuan and the net assets have been multiplied several times. The national assets value was added greatly. The company was rated as the advanced unit of National Health Enterprise by Ministry of Health.


    bus3-3.jpg bus3-4.jpg


    No matter in customer resources or honesty, the company has overwhelming advantages within province. Since 2000, the company has converted its business direction to the famous brands at home and abroad. The company has acquired distributorships of image series products, radiotherapy products of cancer, nuclear medicine products and color doppler imaging serial products of Germany Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. in Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan and Hubei. The company has also acquired the distributorships of 8 famous brands such as Japan Fuji Corporation CR, laser camera and film serial products; the endoscope serial products and surgery serial products of Japan Olympus Corporation; ophthalmology serial products of America Biotrue; ultrasonic focusing tumor ablation machine serial products of Shanghai Aishen Technology Development Co., Ltd. Especially the sales of Simens products , the company has achieved the No.1 sales volume among the Chinese agents of Germany Simens Co., Ltd. for five years.


    bus3-7.jpg bus3-6.jpg bus3-5.jpg


    The company has always been sticking to the management principle of “law paramount, customer first, integrity extreme, quality excellent  service perfect”, implements it to the whole management course, and makes meeting customers’ requirements for high quality and high performance as its own duty. The company also adheres to the service concept of “integrity, enthusiasm, efficiency, innovation” and combines advanced management with company’s reality to build a scientific and strict quality review system, control the product quality strictly and implement honest marketing comprehensively. The company also builds a whole complete after-sales service management system and owns 8 skilled engineers that have received the strict training from the factory to ensure giving timely response to customers’ equipment failures.  

    Since its foundation 15 years ago, the company has always been operating legally and paying taxes actively, so it was rated as class A enterprise by Fujian Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce and Fujian branch directly under the State Administration of Taxation for 13 years from 1994 to 2007; the company was rated as AAA credit enterprise by Fujian enterprise credit rating center in Aug.2005 and in June of the same year, and got the ISO 9001 certificate by international authorized certification body Britain QA, becoming the first enterprise to pass the authentication of international quality management system within industry in Fujian.


    Facing the opportunities and challenges that the market has brought, the company will continue to carry forward the spirits of “do together and create together, be of one heart and one mind, share happiness and woe, blossom and flourish together”, and work hard to make more contribution to the health career of Fujian province and even the whole country with first-class service and products.

  • Biomedicine

    Fujian South Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is located in Mingxi County of Fujian Province, which is the only one that got the title “The Land of Yew in China” nationwide. This place has a beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and fertile soil, which is very fit for the growth of southern yew. As the central production area of southern yew, this place offers exceptional natural conditions for developing the southern yew industry.


    bus4-1.jpg bus4-2.jpg


    The company was established in Sep. 2001 and was reformed into stock limited company in April 2004. The company has a registered capital of 75,500,000 yuan, and current assets of 0.18 billion yuan, and 270 staff, with its annual production value of 0.2 billion yuan. Mainly engaged in marketing antitumor active pharmaceutical ingredients, such as taxol, the company is a hi-tech enterprise and GMP pharmaceuticals firm that integrates research, production and sales in the pharmaceutical industry. The company has received several honorary titles, such as the winning prize of key projects construction of Fujian Province, corporate champion of agriculture industrialization of Fujian Province, innovative enterprise of Fujian Province and so on.


    bus4-3.jpg bus4-4.jpg


    The company has built an industry chain involving artificial breeding of southern yew, foliage processing and production of taxol’s active pharmaceutical ingredient, which is the biggest fast growing and high-yield planting base of southern yew for medical use in a short cycle at home and the production and processing base of taxol and other taxanes. These bases can produce 200 kilograms of active pharmaceutical ingredients and 1000 kilograms of taxanes annually, which was called the successful model of protecting and exploiting endangered plants by State Bureau of Forestry. The company’s products covered 4 categories and more than 50 kinds, such as taxol, semi-synthetic taxol, docetaxel, 10-DABⅢ, xylose taxol, cephalomannine, gemcitabine, fludarabine, irinotecan, imatinib, erlotinib, bortezomib, dorzolamide and so on.


    bus4-5.jpg bus4-6.jpg bus4-7.jpg


    The company pays great attention to scientific development and sustainable development and establishes 3 scientific institutes: Institute of Natural Medicine, Post-doctoral Research Station of the Ministry of Personnel, and Shanghai New Products Research and Development Center. The company owns 75 professional technicians, including five technicians with senior professional title, two returned doctors and two of them and two masters. The company has undertaken 12 scientific and technological projects of state level or provincial level and taken part in formulating related national standards. The company won 25 domestic technology patents, 6 international patents. And its research and development results got 5 national and provincial progress awards. 


    Based on the resource advantage of yew, the company will expand and strengthen the yew planting base; quicken the construction of New GMP workshop and production line, laying good hardware base for the enterprise’s further development; strengthen enterprise’s inner management and try to improve the management level; optimize product structure continuously and increase enterprise’s management efficiency; continue to increase the investment in technology, research on new products and talent training and improve enterprise’s core competence unceasingly. Southern Pharmaceutical works hard to become the first-class, influential nationwide and world famous antitumor pharmaceutical company of Fujian Province within 10 years.

  • Auto parts production

    The company was established in Dec. 1936 and it belonged to China Automotive Industry Corporation since 1984.

    Fujian Huamin Import and Export Co., Ltd. merged the company and established Nanping Huamin Automobile Accessories Industry Co., Ltd in July 2004.

    The company finished share reform and established Huamin Nanping Automobile Fittings Group Co.,Ltd on Oct. 10, 2008.





    The company started technical cooperation with Japan NPR Corporation from the 1980s and comprehensively introduced design, manufacture and measurement techniques of piston from NPR Corporation.

    The company passed the recognition of provincial level enterprise technology center and high-tech enterprise in 2006 and passed review in 2008.

    The company has got 9 patents and three of them are invention patents.

    Five patents are under declaration now. 

    The company is the member of Hong Kong Auto Parts Technology Center and builds close cooperation relationships with FAW Research Center, North Engine Research Institute, Tianjin University, The Academy of Armored forces Engineering, Beijing, Dalian Maritime University, Fuzhou University and other science research institutes and colleges.

    The company has independent design and research capabilities of the main friction by-products (piston ring, piston, piston pin, cylinder liner and so on.)of motor. 

    The company can simultaneously develop piston ring, piston and piston pin together with host machine.

  • Mahogany furniture


    In the industry atmosphere of “The Metropolis of Chinese Classic Craft Furniture” and “Chinese Woodcarving City” and based on the strong cultural foundation of Putian “Famous Town of Culture” and the hometown of Mazu, Fujian Huamin Antique Furniture Co., Ltd keeps its brand and credibility promise as one of the top 100 enterprises in Fujian Province, inherits the spirit of classic furniture manufacture, delicately chooses all kinds of rare wood and makes efforts to produce artistic classic furniture.


    bus6-5.jpg bus6-7.jpg


    The company first established operation mechanism of modern enterprises in the industry, introduced MBA senior management talents and strictly carried out the quality management system. The Sino-Hong Kong joint venture, Fujian Putian Huamin Industry Co., Ltd owns 13.3 acres(more than 80000 square meters)garden-style production base opening to customers home and abroad, which is listed as provincial key project. The base specially does the business of research, design and production of classic furniture.


    bus6-6.jpg bus6-9.jpgbus6-8.jpg bus6-18.jpg


    The company makes the brand operation layout nationally with “Huaming Huaju”. The company sets several regular chain terminals in Sheng Yuan Da Di, Yue Xing Jia Ju, Xi Ying Men and other high-end stores and put thousands square meters collections exhibition halls, flagship stores, chain model stores and after-sales service center into operation. The products are radiated to Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Fujian and other places, forming marketing network combined regular chain of brands and franchise chain.





    The archaic rhyme of China is reflected in Fujian. Adhering to 20 years’ concept of integrity and win-win, Huamin sincerely welcomes friends of different fields home and abroad to cooperate with us to win great glory.

    bus6-10.jpg bus6-12.jpg
    bus6-7.jpg bus6-17.jpg

    Company address: No.565 Huamin Mansion, Xueyuan Middle Road, Putian City, Fujian Province.
    Production Base: Huamin Furniture Industrial Park, Wutang Town, Hanjian District, Putian City, Fujian Province
    Exhibition Hall Address: China-Putian Arts&Crafts City(Putian Huangshi Exit of Shenhai Expressway)
    Tel: 0086-594-5068888,13666938008    Fax: 0086-594-5068888,2693882
    Website: www.fjhmjj.com     E-mail: master@fjhmjj.com

  • Mining investment

    Adhering to the management concept of diversified development, Fujian Huamin Import and Export Co., Ltd. entered the mineral resources field in 2007, established its wholly-owned subsidiary- Sichuan Huamin Minerals Co., Ltd.(“Huamin Mining”), moving forward its first step to develop the mineral resources of southwestern region. Huamin Mining and Geochemical Exploration Team of Sichuan Bureau of Geology and Mineral worked together to explore and exploit the lead zinc ore located in Sanmo, Batang Town of Sichuan Province. This project exploration area is located in Sanjiang ore-forming zone. After preliminary exploration, it has been found that there are three high "abnormal areas" of lead and zinc. And a large amount of surface gossan was found. All of these meet the requirements for further geological investigation and now the exploration work is developed orderly. The mineral future is bright.




    In the same year, Jinchuan O.I.N. Import and Export Co., Ltd. owned by Huamin Mining, got the exploration right of Multimetalic Ore Containing Lithium with 26.28 square kilometers and 20 square kilometers respectively in Ye Long Gou and Sun River, Jinchan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. After three years’ exploration, the company had completed the census of mine area and detailed investigation of partial minerals, which achieved pleasing results. Many good lodes were discovered and controlled in Ye Long Gou exploration area, which has reached a medium-sized mining area scale and is predicted to become a large mining area forward; More than ten lodes were initially delineated in Sun River exploration area and further exploration work would be done. With the development of new energy construction and the continuous application of new energy technology, lithium is treated as an energy metal of the 21st century, whose strategic position has been highly valued and whose economic value becomes increasingly apparent; we not only need to develop down-stream products of lithium resources well, but also enter high-end industry such as lithium battery, making the mineral resources industry chain more powerful.



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